What we’ve achieved so far…


S.L. (22 / Master student / Master course ) 8.0

N.H. (23 / Working / Master course ) 8.0

I.C. (25 / Working / Master course ) 7.5

D.H. (22 / University (4th year) / Exchange Program ) 7.5

L. (High school senior / University Preparation Course ) 7.0

H. (Working / Master course ) 7.0

V. (Working / Master course ) 7.0

C.L.(24 / Master student / Master course ) 7.0

K.C.(24 / Working / Master course ) 7.0

K.X.(22 / University (4th year) / Master course ) 7.0

S.Z.(28 / Working / Master course ) 7.0

L.Y.(20 / University (3rd year) / Master course ) 7.0

M.H.(28 / Working / Master course ) 7.0

S.C.(24 / University (5th year) / Exchange Program ) 7.0

M.Y.(19 / University (2nd year) / Master course ) 7.0

V.C.(University (4th year) / Master course ) 7.0

I.L.(29 / Working / Master course ) 6.5

J.Y.(25 / Master student / Master course ) 6.5

L.K. (Working / Master course ) 6.5

J. (Working / Master course ) 6.5

R. (Working / Master course ) 6.5

C. (University (3rd year) / Exchange Program ) 6.0

S. (Working / Master course ) 6.0

E.Y.(21 / University (4th year) / Master course ) 6.0

E.C.(20 / University (3rd year) / Exchange Program ) 6.0

Y.X.(21 / University (4th year) / Master course ) 6.0

A.C.(21 / Working / University course ) 6.0

B.C.(22 / Working / Master course ) 6.0

A.L.(22 / Master student / Master Exchange Program ) 6.0


Y. (High School Sophomore / University Preparation Course ) 110

R. (Working / Master course ) 107

E. (High school freshman / English university in Japan) 102

J. (University (4th year) / Master course ) 102

L. (Working / Master course ) 98

C. (Working / Master course ) 95

K. (Master student / Exchange Program ) 95

Universities that students have been accepted by

NYU, Purdue, UCs (inc. UCLA and Berkeley), USC, UT Austin, UMich, etc.

UCL, Manchester, U. of Edinburgh, U. of Bath, U. of Warwick

U. of Queensland, U. of Sydney

Waseda, Keio, Sophia, GMARCH

About Us

High quality feedback x Small classes x Professional teachers

・Fully customized one-on-one lessons.
・Group classes of 2-3 students are also available.

・Highly qualified teachers, including teachers with British Council experience, former exam administrators and high scorers.

・Many students aim to score 【IELTS 6.5 or above, TOEFL 90 or above】 at Enlite Academy.

・The Enlite Academy was originally a fully online school. Teachers are also in different countries, so students can be supported while studying abroad.


Overseas University and Master's Course

Extensive support provided during the application stage (assessing English proficiency, determining which schools to aim for, etc.), while in college, and even when making career decisions.

・Preparation for EIKEN/TOEFL/IELTS/SAT/Duolingo
・Support for school assignments, including international schools
・IB and AP Preparation available ・Summer leadership camps and application support for overseas summer camps ・Research projects taught by researchers from prestigious universities in Japan ・Internship training and application support

Domestic University Applications

Partnership with EQAO, a leading preparation academy for Sophia and other universities in Japan

・Preparation for everything from choosing the best type of entrance examination and school to university-specific reports
・Also provide support for English and returnee entrance examinations
・95% of students accepted by their dream universities

Intensive English Course

Ideal for those who want to temporarily concentrate on English, IELTS/TOEFL, or SAT preparation during the summer or for those who want to prepare for study abroad ,or learn business English

・1 semester or/ Spring/Summer Intensive Course
・Long-term English Conversation Course
・Preparation for EIKEN / TOEFL / IELTS / SAT / GRE / TOEIC / Duolingo
・Pre-Study Abroad Preparation Course

Popular Courses

We select appropriate courses according to the student's level and situation, and guide them to their goals.
Here are some of the most popular courses:


・Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing courses available
・Most popular: 1 Speaking & 1 Writing class per week
・Bootcamp, Weekend Camp (irregular), and Correction Service available


・Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing courses available
・Most popular: 1 Speaking & 1 Writing class per week
・Bootcamp, Weekend Camp (irregular), and Correction Service available

Weekend Camp

・Students can choose several courses from Reading/Listening/Speaking/Writing
・Each course (R/L/S/W) comprises 10 lessons (10 weeks), and students practice each type of speaking and writing
・The course is divided into levels for 2-3 students, 60-80 minutes

Speaking/Writing Bootcamp

・This course focuses on Speaking and Writing skills, which are difficult to improve by self-study.
・The course can be completed in 4 weeks, so it is recommended for students who have exams coming up soon.
・Many students take the Bootcamp in addition to the one-on-one lessons, which is effective because of the fast pace of repetition of “practice => feedback => application of feedback”

4 weeks x 3 x 60-80 minutes per week
Group courses x 12 sessions
2 x 1-to-1 consultations and mock exams

Speaking/Writing Correction Service

・You can submit as many speaking recordings and transcriptions (speaking) or essays (writing) as you like and receive feedback from a professional instructor.
・A professional instructor will send you feedback within 3 days.

For specific package plans, please send us a message on our official LINE, "Correction Service Request".

Contact Us


Ms. Dana's wonderful personality.

Her English lessons are extremely very valuable.
However, what I want to tell you the most is Ms. Dana's personality.
She is a person who has a dream. And the more difficult your dream is, the more I recommend you to take Ms. Dana's class.

I recommend it as a step before going to study abroad.

For me, the influence of Ms. Dana's class as a step before going to study abroad was so great that my anxiety about the big decision in my life to study abroad turned into excitement. I think it was thanks to her class that I was able to meet and become friends with my classmates when I studied abroad.

Our Purpose


Applications for junior college, university, and Master programs abroad.

( 8th grade to working adults)

A comprehensive plan customized according to the student's desired study abroad destination, including not only English language skills and test preparation required for overseas schools, but also extracurricular activities and schedule/portfolio planning.


Improve IELTS/TOEFL score

(For high school students to working adults)

Customized study plans to obtain the scores necessary for entrance examinations to overseas universities, exchange programs, and immigration abroad.
Strategies focused on students' weak areas.


University Application and Essay Corrections

(For those who plan to apply to overseas universities)

Corrections and feedback on application essays for Common App, UCAS, and individual universities.
You can consult directly with your study abroad advisor about your university application and future plans, and receive advice on your essays.

Homework Support

High School English and International School Assignment Support

Assignment support for international schools and students taking international courses in high school.
We can help with a variety of subjects from English literature to history.

Teacher introduction video

Teacher Profiles

Ms. Dana

Academy Director
University Application Counselor

Mr. Scott

IELTS Instructor

Mr. Fred


Ms. Chihiro


Ms. Mandy

IELTS/Business English/Conversation

Mr. Addy


Ms. Yuko

University Application Counselor

Ms. Kaori

University Application Counselor

Ms. Yuri

University Application Counselor

Mr. Takumi

University Application Counselor

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We will reply within a few days.
If you would like a quicker reply, please contact us via LINE@.